Privacy Policy

Personal data on the Internet is not always kept confidential by website owners who have received such data. Although the transfer of personal information about a person to third parties should be carried out exclusively with the written consent of the client. Some unscrupulous website owners sell personal data to their users. Thus, they do not comply with the privacy policy and violate the law of the United States.

The privacy policy is a legal guarantee of the website owner to its users who are utilizing the resource, the preservation of their personal data without the right to transfer to other persons. The privacy policy is created to explain to users the following: why the site administration requires you to enter personal information, where this data will be stored and how it will be used. The site owner is also interested in ensuring that its resource is not attacked by government agencies, since the privacy policy should be posted on any site by legal requirements, even where you only need to specify your login and email address when registering.

According to the law, the privacy policy must guarantee the users of the site:

  • keeping his personal data confidential;
  • the use of user-entered data only for feedback (including sending information notifications).

How is a privacy policy compiled?

The main feature of any privacy policy is its availability. That is, having studied it, a person should understand all its main points and make an adequate decision. A client must make sure that his/her data will be stored by the site owner, for what purpose they will be used and processed.

Information necessary to get full rights to perform actions on the site is first and second name, phone number. It is also necessary to indicate that the IP address, registration date and time of transition to the site – will be fixed by the system automatically.

Instructions for managing personal data. An algorithm of actions should be described, having completed which you can change your personal data stored on the website.

Description of measures to protect user data. If functionality is provided for exchanging emails between users, then it is imperative to indicate the fact that the message text is blocked for indexing in search engines.

Processing of personal data

In accordance with the principles of processing personal data, our referral service defines the composition and purposes of processing:

  • personal data of the Borrower – information necessary for signing an agreement and fulfilling its obligations under such an agreement, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of our online company;
  • fulfillment of obligations imposed by federal legislation;
  • fulfillment by the employer of the obligations imposed by local regulations and labor contracts;
  • conclusion, support, change, termination of employment contracts and civil law contracts, which are the basis for the emergence or termination of labor relations between employees and the employer;
  • consideration of the resume and selection of candidates for vacant positions for further employment in the referral service;
  • coverage of the activities of the Company;
  • fulfilling the requirements of contracts with counterparties;
  • performance of obligations under contracts with counterparties and partners;
  • fulfillment of obligations under agreements with banks;
  • providing information on the basis of federal legislation to state bodies.