Life in Texas – Traditional Things, Economics, Available Lending Options

Life in Texas - Traditional Things, Economics, Available Lending OptionsTexas is the second largest state in terms of territory and population. It is second in terms of size only to Alaska, in terms of the number of living citizens – only to California. Because of the flag symbolism, Texas is often referred to as the “Lone Star State”. Texas is a center of cattle breeding and agriculture, oil and gas and chemical industries. The homeland of cowboys is famous for the bravery, loyalty and unity of its citizens.

Life in Texas – some facts and details

Texans are very proud of their state: even the dishes in restaurants are often identical to the outlines of their native state, and the image of a five-pointed star can be found at every step. National shoes (cowboy boots) are also in high esteem, both among men and women.

The territory of the state is huge – 695,622 squar km. That’s why it’s hard to live in Texas having no car. Texans love big, roomy cars, especially pickups. The roads in the state are excellent. The official speed limit is 80 mph, which makes Texas, along with Utah, the “fastest” in the United States. However, the authorities intend to increase this value to 85 mph on Highway 130 between Austin and San Antonio, since this is the average speed in Texas.

Each Texas family has 2-4 cars. Teenagers who have reached the age of 16, pass for a license and transfer to their own car, given for a birthday. A car as a coming–of-age gift is a good and old tradition.

Texas is the birthplace of the famous Dallas Cowboys football team. The hobby of this sport is very popular among the population. Serious money from the treasury is spent on sports complexes and ordinary school stadiums.

Texans love barbecue. The number of eateries, restaurants and other similar establishments serving fragrant ribs, brisket and all kinds of sausages is innumerable. You can stand in line for more than one hour – but it’s worth it.

The living standards in Texas are quite high. The average income in Houston is $2,300. Monthly expenses for taxes, insurance, rental housing, groceries and basic necessities take up a significant part of the budget, but at the same time you can save for a house, a new car, children’s education, travel and a comfortable old age. In case of financial difficulties, you can contact the Welfare Program (assistance program for those in need).

Texas economy – what makes this state famous

The growth and development of industry in Texas is comparable only to New York and California in terms of pace. The center of the oil production and refining industry is Houston. Specialists in this field, as well as in the field of energy, mechanics and metallurgy, can easily find work in the city. Houston is the largest port in the United States, an important economic artery of the country. In addition to these areas, the city is a leading center for bio- and nanotechnology, healthcare, construction and finance. NASA headquarters is located here, as well as a representative office of Boeing.

The largest cancer center in the USA is located in San Antonio, TX. Qualified specialists in the field of medicine are always in demand here. The income of a certified medical worker is $150,000-$185,000 annually.

The capital of Texas, Austin, is often called the “New Silicon Valley.” There are representative offices of many major IT companies, including Apple and IBM. The following specialties are in demand in the city:

  • web designer;
  • programmer;
  • IT engineer;
  • IT mechanic;
  • IT technologist;
  • marketing specialist;
  • manager;
  • economic analyst.

In second place after the gas and oil industry is the military-industrial complex. On the territory of Texas, there are 2 largest military bases of the US Army, one of the leading army hospitals, the largest helicopter repair and maintenance workshop in the world.

Speaking about the state of Texas, it is impossible not to mention the level of agriculture development. The largest number of farms is located here. Texas is a leader in the production of sheep products, cotton, and grain crops. The state plays one of the leading roles in the cultivation of watermelons, melons, grapefruits.

Available credit and loans in state of Texas, USA

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